Our History

Looking to the future, without forgetting our roots

The history of Óbal Urban Hotel is the history of a family dedicated to the hospitality industry, a story that continues to this day.

The story of a family tradition

Our history dates back to 1961 with the opening of the 58-room San Cristobal Residence, and continues in 1970 with the addition of 44 rooms to what is now the Hotel San Cristobal. From that moment on, a family tradition of hospitality was established, in which the hotel grew with each new member of the team, until it became what it is today, Óbal Urban Hotel.

A new start

With the third generation ready to take over the family business, the hotel begins a new phase of expansion and constant evolution as a tourist accommodation in Marbella, looking to the future without forgetting our roots.

Obal Urban Hotel
Obal Urban Hotel